Suicide Prevention Resources

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Download a 2 page pdf file with Denver area suicide prevention and postvention resources here!


For anyone in crisis or with loved ones at risk of suicide:

Personalized resources are available for many groups including LGBTQ+ individuals, teens, and veterans and military service men and women. See the listings below:

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Resources for LGBTQ individuals in crisis:

If you or your loved one are in crisis and a member of the LGBTQ+ community and are looking for someone who may be more understanding, check out the resources created just for you:


Resources for teens:

Many suicide prevention resources exist, especially for teens. Those include:

Female mental health professional counsels soldier with PTSD

Resources for veterans and military:

Our service members experience a number of unique and difficult situation while fighting for our country. Specialized resources for service members and veterans can provide a great deal of comfort and help for those in need. These include:


Know of any other resources we should list? Please contact us to let us know!